Monday, 5 November 2012

TOP 10: The best horror films to see or review the Halloween night

IN  Halloween, I have created a small rank in which I have selected some of the best horror / terror of all time ...
Retain 10 classics is not an easy task and the classification that I submitted today is obviously a reflection of my own experience cinematic short, all this is very subjective.Not having the chance to be seen without exception all horror movies and horror shot since these types exist, I am obviously missed a few gems that deserve ample appear in my ranking. I count on you to also share your wise counsel!Anyway, for a film in my opinion worth the trouble to be watched on Halloween requires that the action of the film takes place in settings glaucous, the blood flowing, as characters psychotic or evil entities torture and dismember innocent victims and preferably that the vast majority of scenes are shot at night. Finally, note that the presence of a cast or two young actresses sexy can raise the interest of the film to which it is more conceivable to integrate some more or less comic scenes.From these basic ingredients, so here are my TOP 10 best horror / terror to see or see again on Halloween night and this looks like good old ghostface, and you, what is your favorite horror movie?! ... 

10: Freddy: The Elm StreetDirected in 1985 by Wes Craven, Freddy: The Elm Street deserves its place in this ranking Halloween special. Exploring our fears and phobias deeper, this film has given nightmares to many viewers ...
9: RECFor his violent scenes in which he immerses the viewer as seldom before, the Spanish film REC not to be confused with its American remake worth to be watched on Halloween night.
8: Night of the Living DeadMade in 1968 by George A. Romero with a budget of only $ 110,000 and a cast of amateur actors, Night of the Living Dead is a classic among classics. This film in black and white can be considered as the first film Zombies. Know, in case you are really tight for films shot in black and white, the remake directed by Tom Savini in 1990 is also worth a look.

7: The ShiningStanley Kubrick adapting the cinema one of the most famous of the new master of the horror and terror that is none other than Stephen King, The Shining is and will forever remain a classic.

6: ScreamA classification combining some of the best horror / terror in the history of cinema must have at least one old teen-slasher-movie. Ignoring the fact that Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson have literally reinvented the genre, if only for its introduction sequence cult, Scream is a safe bet to celebrate Halloween with friends.

5: Friday the 13thReleased in 1980 or a year after Halloween, Friday the 13th is a perfect example of the influence of the film John Carpenter has had on the genre. Impossible to miss.

4: Evil Dead 2Evil Dead, the original made in 1981 by Sam Raimi is a reference for me but I still want it after him, or rather his remake released in 1987. An old wooden shack lost in the depths of a gloomy forest, a couple of young lovers, an army of demons raging, hemoglobin spurting per liter, all splashed with a healthy dose of humor Evil Dead 2 clearly deserves its fourth place!

3: Halloween, Night of MasksWith a title like, impossible not to include this major work of John Carpenter in the rankings. Released in our cinemas in 1979, Halloween is neither more nor less than the slasher reference has influenced the genre forever.

2: The ExorcistIs it necessary to introduce or justifying this choice? Copied many times without ever having been matched with his two Oscars and four Golden Globes, The Exorcist is a monument to the 7th Art which is still by far the best film dealing with enchantment.

1: The House of 1000 CorpsesUnknown to the general public, the first film of my ranking thus awarded the title of best horror / terror to see or review the Halloween night is none other than House of 1000 Corpses The. Directed by Rob Zombie in 2003, this film is a visceral experience that leaves traces. Of pure horror to consume without moderation.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Apple raises prices Apps

The Cupertino company has seen rising rates of applications, justifying itself with the decline of the euro against the dollar.

 Inflation wins the App Store. Thursday night, Apple revealed a new pricing structure. The minimum price rises from 0.79 euro to 0.89 euro, an increase of 13%. All other prizes were also revised upwards (see chart below).

It is the same for extensions sold within the software ("in-app purchase") and set up subscriptions for content publishers, such as newspapers.

As a reminder this is not the developers set the price for their apps, but Apple completely defines its gate.

The Cupertino company also raid 30% of each sale in the Store. This price increase is very juicy for the manufacturer, but also for developers, however, receive a few cents more on each sale.

In a very brief statement, Apple justifies this increase in rates by the decline of the euro against the dollar, indicating that these changes also concern the Danish krone and the Mexican peso.

Find Google Chrome on Windows 8 and with two clicks

Google has released a website and an explanatory video, titled "Get Your Google Back" to return to its search engine and browser on Windows 8.

Google has not forgotten users who have passed on Windows 8. Those who are not satisfied with Internet Explorer 10 will switch to Google Chrome in two clicks.

To mark the occasion, the Mountain View company has released a video entitled "Get Your Google Back". In it, the group explains to users how to install Windows 8 on Google.

Visitors will find a link that allows you to replace the engine Bing and IE browser by Google Chrome 10.

In Europe, Microsoft will normally offer a "ballot screen" when you first start the machine in Windows 8. The Choice Screen allows users to choose browser enabled by default on your computer.

As a reminder, this feature has been imposed by the European Union. In case of non-compliance with this commitment, Microsoft faces a heavy fine.

Android will pass before Windows 2016

According to the analysis institute Gartner, Google's operating system will be more widespread than Microsoft in 2016, thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets.

Windows should be dethroned by Android in the coming years. According to research firm Gartner, Google's mobile OS should pass the Microsoft operating system in 2016. We would then have 2.3 billion computers, tablets and smartphones running Android, against 2.28 billion devices in Windows.

But by the end of this year, analysts expect 1.5 billion terminal on Windows and 608 million Android Android has grown exponentially with the rise of smartphones and tablets.

Launched in 2008, Google's ecosystem team now two-thirds of smartphones in the world, but still behind iOS tablets.

The craze for Android manufacturers can be explained by the free system. Google derives its revenue actually mainly related services to its platform, as Google Play (application store) and advertising revenues.

Meanwhile, Microsoft suffered declining global sales of computers and failed to take the bend of tablets and smartphones at the right time. During the third quarter, they fell by 8%, the largest drop since 2001, due to the enthusiasm of consumers for mobile devices.

Currently, Microsoft has only 3% of market share in the smartphone sector. But with the arrival of Windows Phone 8 at the end of the month, he hopes to catch up on the market.

Android 4.2 in detail

Present on the Nexus 4 and 10 Nexus, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean offers some additional features without revolutionize the OS.

 Android 4.2 is called ... Jelly Bean, like its predecessor. Google is an exception to the traditional name change for each version, since it brings only minor changes.

Presented last night at the same time as the Nexus smartphone and tablets, the new OS will be directly integrated into the device from LG, and the Nexus 10.

Among the new features, we find the multi-account management. It will be possible to create multiple sessions on how to interface this is done under Windows or Mac OS.

Android 4.2 also includes "quick settings" in the notification area, offering the possibility to directly access parameter via some shortcuts (new account, manage Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness etc..).

At the photo, Google has revised its interface gallery and added the Photo Sphere, through which we can take 360 ° photos.

Now Google has also been enhanced with support for additional widgets such as airline tickets, restaurant reservations or bills of some shops.

Android 4.2 offers a new service, "Miracast Wireless Displays" which is similar to AirPlay from iOS. It allows to toggle the display of the camera on a compatible display.

Finally, the new OS brings Gesture Typing, which can make words by dragging his fingers rather than typing letter by letter. It is a variation in Swype mode sum that adds more dictation.

Google has not yet given more details about the deployment of this new version of Android. It will therefore have the new Nexus to enjoy version 4.2.

Microsoft enters the era of touch with Windows 8

Microsoft sells from the October 26 its new operating system, as well as its shelf space. 1000 other devices are waiting for you.

 Windows 8 now available in 140 countries worldwide. Microsoft also announced the release of its 1000 tablet space as other devices embedding the new OS.

Yesterday evening, it was time for festivities on the occasion of this event important to the Redmond company. "Windows 8 opens a new era for Microsoft and consumers," said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, New York at a conference to launch the new operating system.

"We have gathered the best of both worlds, the computer and the tablet. Blend it your entertainment life," he added.

After two years of development, Windows 8 seems to endorse the era of touch. Thanks to this new operating system interface based on a mosaic, the owner of the brand hopes to revive the PC market. He expects no less than 400 million sales that will be made ​​in the coming year.

But Microsoft is now targeting the tablet market on which it has been slow to enter. Building on Surfaces and other hybrid devices midway between ultrabooks and tablet. Remains to be seen whether consumers and professionals will be convinced by this new interface can be confusing to many.

The release of iTunes 11 postponed to November

To avoid repeating the fiasco of Plans, Apple has given additional time to refine iTunes 11.

 Apple does not want to resubmit an apology. After the disappointments of iOS6 Plans, the Cupertino company is now showing cautious. Apple has indeed pushed the launch of iTunes 11, which was originally scheduled for October.

The new version of the application will therefore day in November, the group announced on its website California. "We want to take a little more time to do things right," said a spokesman for Apple to the American press.

This version of iTunes should offer a more simplified interface with a sidebar disappears for a presentation in the form of pockets. Apple promises that its application will integrate "perfectly" iCloud.

It is also possible to listen to music from a mini-player, with direct access to the play list and search field. Hope that this period is that given Apple iTunes 11 will be free of bugs.